Ron Muecks sculptures are utterly breathtaking.
If it’s not his immaculate attention to detail, it’s the surprising and sometimes shocking size, the sense of perfect realism.
One thing I find particularly interesting is the facial expressions of all of his figures, which give a realistic and almost ‘alive’ feel to his work.
I got the chance of seeing the figure ‘Boy’ at the Millenium Dome in 2000. Being 7 at the time, it was extremally shocking to me, and almost frightening due to it’s size and realism.

'As well as taking care to be as anatomically correct as possible, to colour the skin convincingly, to pay attention to as many of the creases and pores as we are likely to notice and to make the hairs on the head and body lie at exactly the right angle, Mueck does something that most realist artists have done before him: he exaggeratres, ever so slightly, those features that denote life. It is our facial expressions that show we are alive and alert to our surroundings.
It is not however the verisimilitude in Muecks sculpture that ultimately matters, but the ends to which this is put. The artist wants us to belived that his figures are experiending certain emotions and experiances. Our suspension of disbelief is vital to his overrarching concern, which is to capture the feeling of key momets in our passage through life’ taken from Keith Hartleys book on Mueck.